Monday, August 4, 2008

Heidi Swapp Mask Tutorial

I've done another quick tutorial on Heidi Swapp Masks. These masks are like reverse stencils. They cover a piece of paper in the shape of a certain image, so that you can add colour around the image, and when you remove the mask, the image is left.

I also used my Pearl Crimson Dew Drop as my ink medium.

1. I have my Heidi Swapp Mask (this one is called Butterflies), my Dew Drop ink, and a piece of white CS.

2. The mask itself has adhesive on 1 side. You would peel the mask off the backing and lay it on your cardstock. If you only want to use part of the image, you can cut it. You can always put it back onto the backing, and re-use it again.

3. Once you have affixed your mask to your cardstock, you can start to apply your ink. To apply the ink, you can sponge it on, but I used the Direct-To-Paper technique (DTP). I just applied the ink straight onto the paper. This Dew Drop ink is a fast-drying pigment ink.

4. Make sure you have an even coverage over the entire piece of paper - get into all of the creases.

5. Once you have finished inking, you can remove the mask slowly. Place it back onto the backing, and wipe the ink off of it. You have your finished piece now.

6. Decorate and finish!

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