Saturday, October 9, 2010

Theo and his Prezzie

Hi all,

Here is another card that we made at Stamping Bella's colouring classes last month.  This one was dreamed up by Paulabella, and she gave us such a cute image to play with: Theo Gives A Prezzie.  About time we get to make a Christmas card!  I think Christmas cards might be my favourite to make - they always have such fabulous images to choose from, and you can usually play around with lots of different colour schemes!

Paula gave us some really lovely blue textured cardstock to use, along with some pretty blue and green patterned papers.  We actually didn't get to this one in the class, but I finished it when I was in Vegas, then put it together, and added the stitching and the glitter when I got home.

Theo was stamped onto Bella's Bestest paper with Memento ink, and coloured in with Prismacolor Pencils and Gamsol/OMS.

As you can see from my final picture, certain critters were making it difficult for me to finish this post....HMPH.  This is Sugar  : )

Make it a great weekend! Hope you enjoyed, and thanks for stopping by!


paula said...

YEAH!!! I am so happy you colored him up, he's ADORABLE!! Love the picture of the kitty wanting in on the action too. Looks like my daughters nosey Siamese! lol NOW, I gotta tell you...I didn't realize exactly who you were, when you were at class. I was voting for your cards on the DT call. I have been to your blog...I knew when you were saying goodbye, you looked familiar. I just kinda kept looking at you, and I remember feeling like you were gonna think I was nuts. I couldn't place you, or if you had looked familiar from my other classes there. I thought you were gonna think I was stupid. lol, I can be. But, I am pretty good with faces and remembering and names. Now, I wish you would have said who you were! There are so many repeat class girls, and I have to say that while the younger ones who attend, are in the smaller numbers...theya re the hardest for me to keep straight. Did you come alone? Were you sitting with the girl named Dia? That's what's driving me crazy! Are you gonna be at Creativ Festival in downtown TO? I can NOT wait!! Last year I didn't get to walk the whole thing...this year I am there sat & sunday! whhooo-hoo. Well, I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving and I am glad to now know the name & face! When Linda asked me if you came to class, I was like...I dunno? Then I looked you up. It's just taking me so long to get back to you. :) love, p

Patricia said...

What a darling teddy bear! The soft look of the coloring is perfect.

Sugar just wanted to get in on the action too! :)