Monday, January 16, 2012

Some Odd Girl Blog Hop!

Hi all,
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Well, Some Odd Girl is turning 2 years old, and we are celebrating this week!
You should have come here from Leah's blog, but if you didn't, make sure you start at the beginning to catch all the fun!

WOO HOO and welcome to our Birthday Bash week! Today, January 16th through January 17th we HOP! We are so thrilled and honored to have been able to share two whole years of Some Odd Girl madness so we have a special treat just for you!

The Odd Girls will be sharing their TOP 3 favorite creations of their term with you. Why is this special? We're playing a little game, you have to name the Some Odd Girl stamps used in those creations! We promise no retired stamps, so if you aren't sure, just pop by the Some Odd Girl shop and find those names and place a comment with the answer in the comments section! A random winner will be chosen out of the correct answers to win 1 of the 3 brand new Birthday Celebration Clear Stamp Sets! That means 3 winners people! Remember you have two days to complete the task at hand and be sure to leave lots of love at each member's post for more chances to win!

Here are my 3 faves from this term:

Pick 1

Pick 2

Pick 3

Can you name those images???

Here's the hop order:
Robin ---------------------That's HERE

What are you waiting for??? GET HOPPING!!!!!


citronlime said...

Lovely cards...!!!

1. Bliss
2. Deer gift Mae
3. In stitches Tia

Leah Crowe said...

Robin!!! Your cards are so absolutely gorgeous!!!! I honestly love each and every single one. My guesses are: #1: Nouveau Bliss #2: Deer Gift Mae #3: In Stitches Tia :) :) :)

Sofia said...

1. Bliss
2. Deer gift Mae
3. In stiches Tia

Helene said...

I love your style and the soft colors you used.
The three stamps are Bliss, Deer Girft Mae and In Stiches Tia

lizzie said...

1. Bliss
2. Deer Mae
3. In Stitches Tia

Shari said...

Wonderful cards!
1.) Bliss
2.) Deer Mae
3.) In Stitches Tia

Damaris said...

These SOG projects are so pretty. Thank you for sharing them with us.

x0, Damaris

Happy Birthday SOG!!

This N That said...

This hop is like paper candy. YUM! Fantastic! The first is Nouveau Bliss, the second is deer May, the last is ADORABLE and is in stitches tia.

Annette said...

lovely cards...

1. Bliss
2. Deer Mae
3. In Stitches Tia

Thanks for sharing..

Redonna said...

1. Bliss
2. Deer Gift Mae
3. In Stitches Tia

Deirdre said...

Amazing creations - love them all.

Deer Gift Mae
and In Stitches Tia?

Hazel (Didos) said...

Great Cards, My guesses are

1. Nouveau Girls - Bliss

2 Dear Gift Mae

3. In Stitches Tia.

thanks for sharing your favs, Hazelxo

RiNNE said...

1. Noveau Girls- Bliss.
2. Deer Mae
3. In Stitches - Tia

Such gorgeous cards!! Beautifully colored!

wahixane77 said...

Love all your cards! My choices are

1) Noveau girl Bliss
2) Deer gift Mae
3) In stitches Tia

Jan Garber said...

I love the way you planted Tia on top of the spool! Adorable!
1. Bliss
2. Deer Mae
3. In Stitches Tia

Martha said...

oh so cute, love them.

Jen aka Scrapalajen said...

Gorgeous cards!

My answers are
1. Bliss
2. Deer gift Mae
3.In stitches Tia

BTW we don't too far away from each other. Im in Mississauga.

Katie said...

Love your choice of colors in all of theses cards! Thanks for sharing!

1. Bliss
2. Deer Gift Mae
3. In Stitches Tia

Elin said...

Hi! Lovely cards! My favorite is the sewing card!!!!
Pick 1 Bliss
Pick 2 Deer Mae
Pick 3 In stiches Tia


Elin said...

Sorry to say but my pick 2 should be Deer Gift Mae

Anita said...

Beautiful cards!
1. Nouveau Bliss
2. Deer Mae
3. In Stichies Tia

Mimi said...

1. Nouveau Bliss
2. Deer Gift Mae
3. In Stitches Tia

Beautiful cards!! TFS! ;)

Carrie said...

card 1 Bliss
Card 2 Deer Gift Mae
Card 3 In stitches Tia

I love the color combos! Especially in the second card :)

Mary Brockway said...

Gorgeous cards!!! You used Nouveau Bliss, Deer Gift Mae and In Stitches Tia :-) Hopping off!

Angie said...

How cute. I see Bliss, Deer Mae, and In Stitches Tia.

Sammi said...

These are all adorable!! LOVE them to bits...
#1 - Nouveau Girls - Bliss - what abeautiful tag.. love the colours and papers!
#2 - Deer Gift Mae - so soft and pretty
#3 - In Stitches Tia is just too adorable! Love her sitting there on the thread!

Lisa G. said...

#1 - Bliss
#2 - Deer Mae
#3 - In stitches Tia

Gwen said...


Deer Mae

In Stitches Tia

Pillan said...

The Stamps:
Bliss, Deer gift Mae, In stitches Tia

SUSAN said...

Robin, all cards are stunning. Love it all.

The stamps are:
1. Bliss (Nouveau Girls)
2. Deer Gift Mae
3. In Stitches Tia

Thanks for sharing these


Hanneke said...

Wow, all these cards are gorgeous as well as the stamps you used. I think they are:

1 Nouveau Girls - Bliss
2 Deer Gift Mae
3 In Stitches Tia

Hugs, Hanneke

Stephanie-Emma said...

1. Nouveau Bliss
2. Deer Mae
3. In Stitches Tia

Love your cards they're fab! :)

Stephanie-Emma xxx

rhodidodi said...

hink these stamps are
1. Nouveau Girls - Bliss
2. Deer Mae
3. In stitches Mae
I love all 3 of your cards!

CraftyMomOf2 said...

Stunning creations Robin!! Happy 2nd Birthday to SOG!!

Crafty Hugs!

Heidi Brawley said...

AWE Adorable cards!!!
1st card: Bliss
2nd card: Deer Mae
3rd card: In Stitches Tia

kadie said...

Robin, these are all gorgeous!! You're coloring is AMAZING!

You've used stamps: Noveau Girl Bliss, Deer Mae and In Stitches Tia

Nikki said...

Fantastic Cards
2. Deer Gift Mae
3. In Stitches Tia
thanks for the chance
hugs Nikki

Julie said...

Pick 1 - Nouveau Girls Bliss.
Pick 2 - Deer Mae set.
Pick 3 - In Stitches Tia set.
Hope I have got it right! ^_^

Michelle said...

yOU Ladies really rock these SOG images/stamps!love the coloring job! Happy 2ND Bday!

#1Nouveau Bliss
#2 Deer gift Mae
#3 In stitches Tia

Anne said...

Cute cards... #1 Nouveau Bliss
#2 Deer gift Mae #3 in stitches tia are the images that you have used.. thanks for sharing..

Tracey Brossart said...

Such adorable cards! I'm a new follower! Great pics!

In order..
#1: Nouveau Girl "Bliss"
#2: Deer Mae
#3: In Stitches Tia

Great hop!

xx Tracey xx