Saturday, March 12, 2011

Some Odd Girl Digi Day!

Hey y'all!

It's the second Saturday of the month, so us ODDies are having a Digi Day over on our brand new SNR group !  Make sure you have signed up for the new site, so that we all move over together!
If you don't know how Digi Day goes, make sure you sign up for the new SNR site, and join the Some Odd Girl group above, and then you can check out the run-down HERE as well.

You will see all of the discussions being started there from 5pm - 8pm, EST today! Usually we do it in the day time, so this is a nice change!  There are already a couple of things you should definitely check out before the chatter starts later tonight:

- As with every Digi Day, Kristy always has a sale, so check out THIS discussion for the deets.
- There is an Early Bird challenge from last night being run by Sarah M - check it out HERE
- Kristy is running an art show - all you have to do is show us your creations using Kaylee! Check out the post HERE .  There are some amazing entries already!
- Asa posted another challenge this morning HERE !

Make sure to stop into the group this evening from 5-8pm so we can chat, play a few games, and marvel over all of the crafty submissions!

See you there!

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